Write stronger grant proposals

Accumulate quotes that show the strengths of your organization from the viewpoint of your funders and use them in your grant proposals.  What? You’ve never kept a quote or asked for one from a participant? Time to call on one of your biggest supporters. Set up an interview with her and tell her why. You can send her questions ahead of time to prepare her for the interview. Then take her answers and use them for your quotes.

Any supporter who believes in your cause should be willing to help you out like this. Some questions you might ask:

  • For what reason do you donate to XYZ Organization each year?
  • When did you first use our services/programs and how has that benefited you?
  • How have you witnessed the power of XYZ Organization?
  • In what ways have you seen XYZ Organization change the life of someone?

Those type of questions can yield some powerful quotes for you to use within your grant proposal. They may also start building a case for creating a capital campaign.

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