Believe in your cause

Maybe that seems self-evident, you should believe in your cause. I have too often seen cases where folks join a board to pad their resume, or because they want to return something to the community in which they live. If those are the reasons you are serving, it is likely your organization is struggling.

You MUST believe in your cause and the importance of the organization which you serve. What does that mean? Your organization is changing the world for the better. Don’t believe it? Find an organization to serve that does fit that narrow niche in your mind. What your organisation’s mission might be will vary, but you truly are making a difference in people’s lives, and in so doing, are changing the world for the better. Perhaps you are on the board of an animal shelter? You’re not just saving the lives of sheltered pets, you are saving people’s lives as well. Research shows when we pet our animal our blood pressure goes down. Any pet owner can tell you that talking to a pet helps relieve stress, and that does not even include the health benefits of taking your dog for a walk.

Imagine a life without any companion animals. Seems pretty hollow doesn’t it? Yes, our pets are a big part of our life, some would argue to big a part. But the fact remains, any pet sheltering organization is changing people’s lives for the better. Your organization is having the same type of impact. It’s VERY important for you to believe that, and convey that attitude constantly to the public.

More about Steve

I live in Bozeman, Montana with the love of my life. I needed only one date before proposing four days later. In October we will mark our 25th anniversary. Our 13-year-old son is a delight. Aside from our careers and our child, we have a dog, a cat and four horses to occupy our time. My career started as a volunteer with nonprofits, working up to Director positions over my 30+-year career. I learned the struggles faced by many nonprofits and have my philosophy on best methods for overcoming those challenges.