I have written millions of dollars in successful proposals over my 30+ years experience in nonprofits. I have a bachelor’s degree in botany and a master’s in environmental science. I have served in director positions with three different organizations. I have taken an organization from a six-year running deficit to a net gain within three years.

Here is my story…

I live, work and play in Bozeman, Montana. We moved  here in 1993 when my wife chose Montana State University for graduate school. I went to college in Missoula at the University of Montana, and fell in love with this area in the early 80’s. Little did I know I would be the last-ever botany graduate from Montana. I earned my master’s in environmental science at Miami University in Oxford, OH, a program that continues and thrives to this day.

My first job in high school was working for a raptor rehabilitation center at a state park in Ohio. The next two summers, I worked for the Cincinnati Nature Center. Upon moving to Montana, I searched for jobs in my field that allowed me to get outdoors in any way that I could during summer months. I took jobs with the Bureau of Land Management (in Roseburg, Oregon and Miles City Montana) and as a ranger-naturalist in Yellowstone National Park. After graduating, I landed a full-time job with Hayes Arboretum in Richmond, Indiana. Several years later, I attended and completed graduate school at Miami University. I moved with my wife to Bozeman, and worked for a year with Museum of the Rockies. Most my jobs were in the nonprofit arena, and I served on board of many organizations, and saw how dysfunctional nonprofits truly could be at times. I worked my way up to landing a position as Director with three different organizations.

Wanting to Help Others

Picture what it would mean if your organization were developed to its full capacity. Staff would run through doors to work for your organization. Board members would apply whenever a vacancy became available. Fundraising would be a team-effort that would exhilarate all involved. When a challenge arose, your staff and board would work in harmony to tackle the challenge, with all entities knowing exactly what was expected of them to take the best approach to overcoming the obstacles. The mention of your organization’s name would be greeted with a smile from the community in which you operate. Everyone in your town would know your organization’s name and would speak glowingly and accurately when discussing your cause.

I cannot guarantee that my work with you will result in such a Utopia. I will ensure that your organization runs more smoothly, that your challenges are diminished and that the money you spend will be seen as a good investment in your organization’s future by your supporters.

How can I make such a claim? I have worked in the non-profit field for over 30 years. I have been in the trenches with start-up organizations, and I have served on the board of multi-national nonprofits. I have also worked my way up to Executive Director with three organizations. Along my journey, I have seen many missteps that should have been handled differently.

“Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.”
-Oscar Wilde

I never use a “cookie-cutter” approach to working with your cause. I have never found an approach that works for all (or even most) businesses, be they non-profit or for profit. My pledge to you is that I will take the time to explore what we can do to strengthen your organization. I want to work as a team to truly explore the obstacles you are facing and how challenges can be changed into positive growth experiences.

And I put my practice to the test right away. Your first consultation comes at no charge to you. I want to ensure we are good fits for one another before proceeding forward.

For efficiency purposes, I work primarily with organizations that lie in the western United States. For those needing help in the eastern United States, I strongly recommend you contact Dave Chase at drcconsulting.biz.

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