Why is your cost so much less/more than the competition?

I offer my workshops for less than what you typically see for other two-day classes/workshops since I am a one-man presenter. I do not have large corporate fees, my office is out of my home, and you’re not paying somebody else to manage my time or workshop schedule. All that helps to lower my costs and create lower prices for attendees.

How much of a discount do returning participants receive?

Anyone who registers for one of my classes can re-enroll at no additional cost for up to two years after his original date of completion.

Why would I want to take your class a second time?

I understand life can get in the way. Perhaps you changed jobs, or you just couldn’t get that proposal finished. No problem, re-enroll free-of-charge and let’s see if we can get you on the path to successful grant writing.

Where is your class agenda?

I do not use a set agenda for a reason; it can be frustrating when an instructor is so set he will not allow class questions to determine where the class wants to go. Having said that, my table of contents gives an idea of what I will cover in my class.

Can I just buy your workbook?

Sorry, to get the workbook you will have to come to one of my offerings. One thing that makes me different is that I WILL NOT merely cover what is in my workbook. The worst college Professors I ever took lectured right out of a textbook, often one they wrote. I always wondered why bother coming to the class when I can just read the book? With my classes, you will be an active participant and discussion will vary greatly from what is in my workbook.

I am not very experienced grant writing. Is your class right for me?

Absolutely! Through my class, you will gain a keen understanding of what it takes to write a winning grant proposal. In the end, you will have the confidence to submit a proposal, and know where to submit a proposal.

I have written several grants, will I gain much from your offerings?

Yes, experienced grant writers will also benefit from these offerings. You will learn new tricks and hone skills you already may have. You will also gain knowledge about the total fundraising picture of which you were previously unaware, and that can greatly change your grant writing approach.

How and when can I pay my tuition?

You can pay be credit card, check or I can invoice you or your organization.

Who should attend?

Anyone interest in writing grants is my intended audience, whether you work for the government, a non-profit, a church, or are an independent grant writer.

What is the general schedule?

Both days start promptly at 9:00 and continue until 4:30. We will take a one-hour lunch break, usually 15 minutes or so shy of the noon hour to give you a chance to beat the lunch crowds. Lunch IS NOT included in your registration fee.

Who teaches the workshops?

I have more than 30 years teaching and working with non-profits. I am energetic and pour my heart into my teaching. At the end of the workshop I expect both the participants and myself to be exhilarated and exhausted.

You do not have a workshop scheduled in my area.  Why? 

I will gladly come to your area to do a workshop. Contact me to arrange a workshop near you.

I paid, but now I cannot make it/I got sick. Do you issue a refund?

If you are more than 14 days out, I will issue a full refund minus a $40 processing fee. If you are within 14 days, I cannot issue a refund. BUT you can enroll in another workshop within the year of your original registration at no charge.

Contact me:

phone: +1 (406) 570-2428

email: steve@bestplaceconsulting.com