I’ve been where you are!

I started working in nonprofits while still in college, more than 30 years ago. I worked my way up from volunteer to executive director, and I served as director for three different organizations. Many times, fundraising challenges have kept me up into the wee hours.

I know what it’s like to serve on a board where the executive director could use A LOT of help.

I’ve also been the executive director that needs LOTS of help.

I’ve been the staff person who felt blessed to work for my boss. And I’ve been the staff person who thought my supervisor was not long for his job.

I’ve looked at a grant proposal and ached for the writer, seeing where the organization needed help, but the proposal was lacking.

I’ve served on an international board that made mistakes in its governance, often impeding its growth.

I’ve served on start-up boards, helping hire the first staff. I’ve also been on a board that went through a merger.

Whatever your situation might be in the nonprofit world, I’ve likely faced similar challenges. Over my many years I’ve discovered what does and doesn’t work. It would be my privilege to help your organization reach its full potential.

  • I offer classes in grant writing and fundraising, all at affordable prices.
  • I will help you with strategic planning if that is your particular need.
  • We can work together to ensure your organization is communicating well, with staff and board working as a team.