If any of these sound familiar to your current experience, it might be time for a chat…

Not every board member gives at a level that is significant to her or him.

“We work ridiculous hours serving on the board. We don’t give because we give our time instead.” This is the dreaded “We’re a Working Board excuse!

Your board votes by proxy.

“We live far apart, and getting everyone together is not easy. We just send in our proxies to another board member when we’re going to be unable to attend.”

You haven’t registered in each state in which you solicit donations.

“Many of our supporters come from Texas, so we rely on them for donations. What do you mean register in Texas?”

You don’t have a clear communications plan in place.

“Sometimes the board knows best what tasks various staff should be doing!”

Your grid for replacing board members does not emphasize capacity for giving or getting donations.

We need a banker/attorney/educator on our board. Those are our gaping vacancies.”

Board members routinely apply for staff positions.

“Well, this is my passion, and the reason I joined the board was to have an “in” when a position came open.”